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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose a one videographer or two videographer package?
This is totally up to you. A second videographer will provide extra footage to be edited into your final video. With two videographers, we can also get more creative with the style of shots that we take. For instance, with one videographer getting the main, “safe” shot, a second videographer can capture more creative shots, such as pans, tilts, slides and focus pulls. This extra footage helps to create a more interesting and cinematic final product.

A second videographer is also helpful if the bride and groom won’t be seeing each other before the ceremony and are getting ready in two different locations. That way, we can send one videographer to be with the guys and one to be with the girls beforehand. It also allows us to send one videographer with the wedding party during your picture-taking session, and the other videographer can go to the cocktail hour to capture footage and interview guests.

We understand that many couples are on a budget and may not be able to afford the second videographer. Rest assured, a one videographer package can capture all of the main events of your day as well. The shooting style will be “safer” because there will only be one videographer to capture the shots. We also incorporate a static tripod camera as a wide, safety shot. This camera will be rolling for all of the main events of the ceremony and reception.

Whether you choose a one or two videographer package, it is very important that you provide a written itinerary or timeline of events for your day. That way you can be sure that everything that needs to be captured on video will be shot.

How many hours of coverage are included?
Each package comes with a set maximum of hours but you can always add on extra hours to any package for $150/hour.  Videography hours are consecutive (they can’t be split up).

Is editing included?
Editing is included in all packages, but the amount of editing differs between packages.   In each package our professional editors will enhance the video’s audio levels, image stabilization and color balance.  We will also remove any shaky video so that your video is a clean, crisp final product that will include your entire ceremony and reception main events.

How long does it take for the final video to be delivered to me?
Please allow up to 8 weeks for editing.  Busy season (July – November) may take a bit longer.

Do you offer custom packages?
Absolutely!  We can tailor a package to any budget.  Just give us a call!

Do you mic up anyone during the ceremony?
Yes.  We have a professional wireless microphone that we put on the groom during the ceremony.  This small lapel mic is hardly visible but does a great job of capturing the vows and ring exchanges, even if you are soft-spoken!

Do you require a deposit?
Yes.  We require a $500 deposit to secure your date.  This goes toward your final payment. The deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the wedding.

Is there an extra charge for travel?
Any travel outside of one hour from downtown Columbus, Ohio will have an extra travel charge. Travel charges vary depending on location.

What do you do about low light situations?
When it is possible and appropriate, we bring a small spotlight that can illuminate a dimly lit alter, dance floor or head table. This ensures that the main events of your wedding – the wedding vows, the speeches and the first dances are properly lit. We also incorporate on-camera lights that are mainly used for reception dancing.

Can I request a certain videographer?
You may request a particular videographer, but you are not guaranteed to receive that videographer due to availability and unforeseen issues such as illness, family emergencies, etc. We do, however, guarantee that you will receive one of our own experienced videographers and not a contractor that we have never worked with before.

How do we proceed?
We would love to sit down with you face to face so that we can show you some examples and answer any questions that you may have.  Simply fill out the contact form here and we will be in touch with you!